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The child had traveled alone fpor a long time...

The Treadmill: a two hundred year-old public house located a few miles from Maidenhead on three acres of ground on the Thames.
It was purchased by Willie Garvin following the breakup of The Network.
Behind The Treadmill is a long brick building where Modesty and Willie work out. The building has no windows and a special double door. Inside are a pistol range, a short archery range, a combat dojo, gym equipment, a sauna and showers. The far end of the building houses the workshop where Willie works on electronic devices and micro-engineering.
Willie lives at The Treadmill, on an upper floor that he has had thoroughly modernized. The upper floor also contains a second bedroom suite for Modesty's use whenever she visits.
The Treadmill is managed by Mr. Spurling.


Excerpt from Modesty Blaise Concordance.